so I can fix some teeth – waaah!

Christmas time is here and so is Hermie the gay dentist. I love this time of year! Have no fear, green cookies are on the way!

3 thoughts on “so I can fix some teeth – waaah!”

  1. Can I online shop at thoughts from the funk and order a small batch of green cookies? They are delicious! Christmas makes me think of Andrea- I love it! To make you smile, I’ll add the quote of the day from my second grade class (It is a bit merrier than Friday’s, when a girl who was honestly only trying to help said, “I hate to break it to you, but that (student’s) chair is a little small for you.” hmmmm.) Well my students think that now that thanksgiving is over that it IS Christmas and one little boy who is trying to figure out the whole English-thing asked me if December was Christmas. When I said ‘yes’ because I think that to them, it is, he then asked if he could call today Christmas the third (instead of Dec. 3rd). Um, no.

  2. The Carr household in the UK is truly thankful for the green cookies which arrived today. Todays menu for Natasha….
    Breakfast: Rice Krispies, milk and green cookies
    Lunch: Baked Potato, cheese, fruit and green cookies
    Dinner: Chinese food with green cookies.
    At least she’ll still be wide awake to bring in the New Year 😉
    Happy 2008 to all!!!

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