Christmas 2007

Christmas is here. Today has come and gone leaving us filled with presents, cookies, and giggles. The day began with a 7:15am wake-up call (because our stockings were whispering to me in my sleep) and then the boys (Jed, Mike, and Mike) came over to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. Fluffy Baby Jesus made a celebrity appearance at our house for the holiday and I think the girls, the gang, and I showed them quite a festive time. The boys, the girls and I took our time opening our presents and I think that everyone was pleased by their loot. We bought a turtle and turtle supplies for Jed to build an addition onto his family and he seemed really tickled. Frank even liked his presents this year (thank goodness) so I feel like my job is done. We popped over to Jim, Barry, and Brandon’s house where I ate 6 cookies, 4 pieces of fudge, and the hugest helping ever of the most delicious tapenade I’ve ever had – seriously, delicious!

The friendly folks at Golden Dragon in Hunter’s Creek made a delicious dinner for our Orlando Family and for that we are truly grateful. Their food is wonderful, their prices reasonable, and they opened the store today just for us – we wouldn’t have had delicious dinner without their generous and hard work. Overall, it was a really wonderful holiday. Thank you to everyone who emailed, called, texted, stopped by, and everyone who participated in our holiday extravoganza. This year’s holiday was really wonderful and I’m feel so lucky to be a part of all of your families.

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!

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