how it all began…

About 8 years ago, I was younger (drunker) and much more eager to buck the system while raising a ruckus than I am now. I was a student at a little school in Virginia when some fellow ruckus raisers and I decided that we could start our own would-be newspaper and become journalists. Those few of us, with fewer skills and no journalism classes under our belt decided that we had a point of view that should – no – needed to be heard and read. This short lived paper and website were called Unedited and I served as its un-editor. I hadn’t graduated on time (still haven’t), I was in a semi-permanent funk, and lived in a building with funk on the walls called Funkhouser. Needless to say, “thoughts from the funk” was born. 

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  1. Hi Andrea,
    I am not sure if you remember me at all from Thornfields and Happenings, etc.

    I had a dream last night that you starred in*, and it made me wonder what you were up to, so I am looking you up!

    *the dream: basically I was back in college, and was organizer of some huge celebration for one of the college’s anniversaries (Hobart and William Smith). People had been chosen to represent the college during different seasons, and you were spring. You wore a crown of succulents in your hair, and a stunning dress, and had strands and strands of the succulent “pearl necklaces” strung around your neck, down to your waist. It was incredible.
    At any rate, I woke up and thought, “that was Andrea Hendry!” so I looked you up, and here you are! Hope you are well! Take care, Hope t

  2. Hope – of course I remember you. Hello and thanks for stopping by! I’m so sorry for the late response but I haven’t thought to check my comments in a while. I love that I was in your dream – and that I was so fancy!!!! I would LOVE to wear such a fancy headpiece and necklace – come to think of it, I might just ask a florist if they can make me such an accessory for my next fancy event!

    Hope you’re well and thanks for the nice note!

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thoughts from the Funk…