Happy Birthday M’res!

Maresi’s 30’th birthday was yesterday and I haven’t gotten around to wishing her well yet…. so this is her official Happy 30th Birthday note (and it’s a good one because it’s on the world-wide-web). Maresi celebrated her birthday countdown by writing one blog entry every day for the thirty days leading up to her special day. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading these daily updates for the past month and am very excited that she made it safely to the big 3-0. If you’d like to catch up on her last month as a youngster go to http://www.more-rice-please.blogspot.com/

It’s no surprise that I’m reasonably uncomfortable with the idea of turning thirty myself, but reading her blog each day as she gracefully accepted the inevitable makes me want to accept it gracefully as well but as I wait for that reaction I can feel the anxiety attack coming on as I fight the urge to run the other way screaming.

Then again, maybe it’s just an over-excited response because I want to shout things like “HA HA you’re 30 and I’m 29” or make jokes about it being time for her hip replacement, and to replace her contacts with bifocal lenses because 30 = old lady. Hee hee… Old jokes always make me feel pretty.

Anyway, Happy 30th Birthday Maresi! I hope it was wonderful!

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