gobble gobble gobble

It’s that time of year, and by that time of year I mean time to hold out your hand to strangers and proudly wiggle your thumb while shouting Gobble Gobble Gobble. Frank and I drove to Raleigh (Durham actually) instead of Pennsyltucky this year to visit the Westcott/Bowers family. The ten-hour trip was aided by the stylings of Jim Dale (as usual) and plenty of car snacks…. I love car snacks. Anyway, we saw Jess and Jeff’s beautiful new home and met Abby, their new baby – who is super cute! Though the whole family took turns holding her, we certainly got our time in – I even got to wear her (much like a baby cardigan) through the mall!

Early Thanksgiving morning Frank, Cousin Jon, and Uncle Joe participated in the Ridgewood annual Turkey Trot. Jon’s girlfriend Missy, Cousin Kate, and I picked up Sheetz coffee and headed out to be their cheering squad. After the boys were finished with their mad dash toward the finish line Frank and I were able to make a quick stop at Martha and Max’s house. We enjoyed a quick (but delicious) piece of pumpkin pie and got to meet their three cats Scooby, Henderson, and Little Girl who were SUPER friendly (they kept trying to crawl into my purse to come home with me!) Thanksgiving dinner was really delicious and as my own annual tradition states, I was thankful for rutabaga – how could anyone not be?!?!?

If you’d like to see pictures of the annual shenanigans, please head to Jess and Jeff’s website at

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