but if you don’t have a home, you can buy one there!

Ikea opened in O-town (not inside the boy band, but up on Conroy) and as I am an Ikea enthusiast, I needed to be there for the grand opening event. Folks had been lining up for two days but rather than hanging out with the stinky lunatics, we (Jed and I) decided to go just a few hours early to catch the excitement with the pleasant smelling lunatics. I packed up my crocheting and headed to get in line.

On our way into the parking lot, I inadvertently cut off a van heading toward wheelchair parking. Needless to say, they, of course, got in line right behind us. We learned after their excessive sharing that they love free things (I thought they might freak-the-beep out when they were skipped in line for free water bottles – don’t worry though they shouted, jumped, and waved their arms until they got their freebies). They also used similar energy walking back and forth to their van, where their dog was stationed for the morning. “In the van” you ask? Yes, IN the van. I still have blisters from biting my tongue throughout the morning.

Anyway, besides the crazies and their mistreated dog, it was a really fun morning. I held down the fort while Jed walked to Panera to buy us delicious gingerbread bagels and chocolaty coffee drinks (thanks Jed). At the event there were acrobats, jugglers, the mayor, plenty of freebies and that’s all before we even went inside! Jed and I were given small (but friendly) gift cards and were greeted by dozens of Ikea staff beating thunder sticks and cheering as we walked through the doors. We bought a few small items, sampled the lingonberries, and visited the “as is” section where we were able to just barely overcome our temptations. As if that isn’t an exciting enough morning, I was also finally able to start and move along my first crocheting project (a scarf, I’m very fancy).

Oh, and if you don’t recognize the title of this bit, it’s a line from the funniest song ever by Jonathan Coulton. Head to itunes and have a listen, it rocks.

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