ode to cap’n joe

Cap’n Joe is the finest Cap’n in all the land! Who is Cap’n Joe you ask? Well….

Frank was given the coolest birthday gift ever last summer (and as usual, it wasn’t from me). Our friends Jed and Mike bought him a swimming with the manatees experience. Luckily for me, they bought him an experience for two and Frank invited me! Cap’n Joe was our tour guide for our fun-filled day where we met a couple from near Oxford (who’ve been married for more than 40 years – and still so in love!!!) a couple from California, and oodles of manatees!!! Cap’n Joe taught us the laws of the land (rules and such), and then he took us to just outside a manatee sanctuary on the Crystal River where we were surrounded by a herd of playful manatees. It was really a great tour (and though I’m not trying to sell anything here) if this sounds like a fun time, go to www.fun2dive.com – you’re going to love it!

Frank also (because he’s great) showed me how to load pictures onto this site with my new computer (I’m officially a mac-geek now). Click and enjoy!

One thought on “ode to cap’n joe”

  1. Was cap’n Joe, by chance, a pirate? I can imagine him laying down the “laws of the land” with an eyepatch and hook.

    I also think a bright, colorful parrot makes an excellent addition to any manatee sightseeing trip.

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