i love christmas…

christmas is my favourite time of the year and i can’t believe that it’s already here! we took some photos of the house this morning (have a look) before the mess and present opening began :)

we miss you and wish you were all with us this christmas – we hope you have a really great day!

btw – at 2pm i have eaten 24 cookies. i’ll keep you posted as my day filled with sugary grazing continues.

2 thoughts on “i love christmas…”

  1. Jess and I showed up at Joe and Doris’ two days ago. Chex mix, ginger cookies, and starburst are supposed to be eaten non-stop between meals right?

  2. So somewhere between your rant about Celine Dion and Jordan Knight (sad), I stumbled across this blog, quickly skimming it over.
    Imagine the feeling of sadness I felt when I realized this blog was written over 4 months ago! That is 33% of a year, leaving only 66% until its here again. Wow…
    However, tomorrow morning when I hear a certain ringtone screaming “Just hear those sleighbells ring-a-lin’…” it will come back to me how much I am not looking forward to Christmas this year.
    And I still think that holding on to a seasonal ringtone is the new,high-tech trashy equivalent to keep your lights up year round! (Which I dont judge, I celebrate, along with a giant snowman with a bolero)

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