living the dream…

I did something tonight that would have made sixth grade Andrea weep tears of joy. I saw Jordan Knight from NKOTB (New Kids on the Block) perform live! For some reason (and I can’t imagine why) my parents weren’t willing to spend one hundred dollars a ticket and drive three hours to the closest performance during the winter of 1989 (not that I remember the specifics or anything).

Anyway, my wonderful friends (the Welander-Strange’s) called this morning and told me that he was giving a free concert in Celebration tonight. We then re-arranged all of our plans for the day; picked out new outfits, put on LOTS of fancy eye make-up and headed out to the concert (Frank is soooo lucky).

Stella and Phyllis were really excited that they were going to meet a celebrity, so excited in fact, that when Jordan rode by on his horse drawn carriage, Stella lunged at it with a loud growl and angry series of barks. She likes to make a good impression when meeting new friends. Jordan took the stage with a flourish and flair of falsetto… Yes, I said falsetto! Much like a young Michael Jackson, or well, the young lead singer of the epitome of all that is good, sweet, and boy bands; he sang with a girlish tone and confidence befitting a man of his talents and potential!
Along with being unquestionably gifted musically, he is also a man who understands the needs of his audience. He performed many songs from NKOTB including Please Don’t Go Girl, Step by Step, The Right Stuff, and several songs from their Christmas album. During his last song “The Right Stuff” he came into the audience to be a bit closer to the beautiful albeit thirty-ish year old crowd of ladies screaming like it was nineteen-ninety-never.


How crazy is that???? More importantly, how jealous of me are you?!?!?!? I took a short video (below). Enjoy!

Warning the Small video file is 7.3MB, it may take a while to download.

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  1. Andrea!!!! I got your email about this, and for some reason my email wouldn’t let me send any messages back! I so wanted to go see Jordan too because he was always my favorite. I had to work or something stupid like that :( But at least I got to see your picture of the side of his head. It somehow makes me feel better about missing out.

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