The Release Date Has Been Announced!

We all know that I love Harry Potter (especilly those of you that came to my “Christmas Morning at Hogwarts” themed birthday last year – thanks for your patience folks). But I am SERIOUSLY freakingout that the release date for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is just a short 161 days away! No, I didn’t count it, my widget (thanks to counts it down for me – and as of right now there are actually 161 days, 6 hours, 8 minutes, and 34 seconds left to wait until I’m holding the book and freaking out even more about actually getting to read it!

I’m declaring this summer, the summer of Harry Potter. The movie (OOTP) comes out on July 13th, the book will be available July 21st, and most importantly, my birthday (with a Harry Potter party of course) is July 19th! I can barely contain my enthusiasm!

So, it’s that time again – time to prepare for the new book and re-read, which as far as I’m concerned is almost as much fun as a new book coming my way. Now, you folks who haven’t read them yet need to get on it – don’t be afraid of being bandwagon jumpers- just do it!!! This is not something to practice how to “just say no” to and I’m pretty sure Nancy would back me up here – reading is good! We can all get back to our intellectual reading (aka: surfing the internet) just as soon as August comes around, but until then it’s off to Hogwarts, thestrals, mugglenet, butter beer, bat-bogey hexes, and Neville – do you guys think Harry will tell him that it could have been him???? I LOVE Neville – I’m so nervous and so excited!!! Who’s wondering about Phlegm’s wedding? I know she and “molly wobbles” are getting along right now but I think that when it gets closer Mrs. Weasley just might freak out and have a throw down with her!!!! Heeee heeee!!!

What are you guys most excited about?

One thought on “The Release Date Has Been Announced!”

  1. Harry rules!

    I am most excited to find how it all wraps up. I also want to find out for sure if what they said happened at the end of book six really happened. (edited for those who haven’t read it)

    Finally, I want to see if Harry ends up being an Auror.

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