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We Have A Winner!

The famous and beautiful Martha Thelma Buchta is our winner! She will be receiving her prize shortly in the mail – please congratulate her heartily and enviously. I’ve also added the answers (for your reading enjoyment) to the questions throughout the blog.

Oh, and yes, the final (and most interesting) days of our trip to Key West are still just about finished! We’ve saved the best for last!

Birthday Weekend – Trivia Day One

Trivia question #17
Q – How long did Phyllis sleep in the car on the way to Key West?
A – Zero minutes

Trivia question #18
Q – How many fiber one bars did Andrea eat in the car on the way to Key West?
A – Two and a half – that’s alot of gas!

Trivia question #19
Q – What sort of dangerous alcohol was in Andrea’s first Key West beverage?
A – Grain Alcohol – only the finest for me!

Trivia question #20
Q – Where did we see our first chicken of the weekend?
A – Mallory Square

Trivia Question #3

Mindi purchased several brush art animals today made from seeds, glue, wire, leaves, and seed pods. What sorts of animals did she buy?
A) two giraffs and a non-family-friendly joey B) a red-jay, squirel , and sharp nosed hummingburd C) five squirels who she’s named and is designing costumes for


Jed Daiger is the big winner in our competition.
Yeah Jed!
Second place goes to Mike Strange
Third place goes to Martha Buchta
Fourth Place goes to Patrick Hayes
and noteworthy effort goes to the following: Lauren, Andy, Bev, Marie, The Hendrys, and The Blums.
Finally, the special “spicy award” going to Chuck!
Thanks to everyone for playing – you really made our trip a fun one!

finis fete!

Well, that’s as good as our French is ever going to get.
Our game is over and most of your votes are in but if you’d like to put in a few more by tomorrow (March 16th) by 5pm est we’ll still accept your answers.
At 6pm est from 11606 Ottawa Ave we will award the prize and bragging rights appropriately.
We’ll keep you posted!

question 28

The most expensive cats at Harrod’s cost how much:
a) Harrod’s does not sell pets b) Harrod’s had dogs but not cats c) The male and female together would be 3500 GBP d) There was one male for 2000 GBP

question 21

So that we could avoid the rain and lengthy walk, how much did Frank and Andrea pay for taxi fare today?
a) Zero euros – we’re cheap, not lazy.
b) 8.25 – and saved ourselves a wet forty-minute walk!
c) 2.25 – it seemed far on the way there!

question 15

When Andrea booked the Trinity Lodge Hotel she made which following mistake
a) registered Frank and Andrea Hendry for a stay b) reversed her month and date according to European standards c) ) failed to pay the deposit almost losing them the room in a foreign country

question 13

The painting reproduction in our room is of:
a) a couple dining b) a nude woman with a cat lying on her backside c) seven sheep d) a woman holding a cat affectionately e) three woman holding flowers

question 11

Why, in 1068, did William the Conquerer build a motte-and-baily castle on the present site of Clifford’s Tower in York?
a) to impress the local royals b) to gain a prominent spouse and to increase his stronghold in parliament c) to strengthen his military presence in the north

question 9

Frank lost Andrea’s memory card. Where did he find it?
a) on the floor in front of him b) held safely in the safe at Bolsover Castle c) on his half eaten plate at the Bakewell pudding shop