We Have A Winner!

The famous and beautiful Martha Thelma Buchta is our winner! She will be receiving her prize shortly in the mail – please congratulate her heartily and enviously. I’ve also added the answers (for your reading enjoyment) to the questions throughout the blog.

Oh, and yes, the final (and most interesting) days of our trip to Key West are still just about finished! We’ve saved the best for last!

One thought on “We Have A Winner!”

  1. I am very excited to be the winner, especially after my poor results in the last trivia. I will anxiously await my prize with baited breathe (whatever that means)! Will my Christmas present also arrive in the same shipment? 😉

    I wish I could have been in Key West with all of you, maybe for Andrea’s 60th! :^>


    P.S. My website is REALLY out of date, but there are some fun and funny pics! I need to update the site sometime, so please don’t judge.

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