welander-strange, my favourite last name…

It’s wedding week – at least it was last week when my favourite couple made the big leap. Yes, I’m talking about our friends, the Welander-Strange combo. The rest of the gang and I traveled (far and very wide) to Iowa via Moline and the Field of Dreams. Ahhhh Moline and her people were both welcoming and flannel clad – we love the Midwest! We drove hours through Iowa to see the Field of Dreams which, regardless of what Frank says is not on the way to Emmetsburg (where the wedding was) to experience its loveliness – oh and it was lovely! It had the smell of excitement that can only be found in the movies, otherwise known as manure. I love to walk through lush moist grass that smells like poo… it reminds me of a Sunday morning in Funkhouser. Delicious!

After a good long while driving on two lane “highways” across Iowa we landed at the brand new Wild Rose Resort and Casino – woo hoo! After checking into our fancy new hotel we headed straight to the Welander’s for dinner where we finally got to see the house that Hope had been telling us about for years (and it was really beautiful, totally worth the wait). Mr. and Mrs. Welander were terrific hosts and showed us a fine time in Emmetsburg.

Lots of wedding preparation later (and from what I hear quite a few dollars lost at the casino), we found ourselves at the church for Hope and Mike’s special day. Hope looked absolutely perfect (just like she always does) and Mike looked great as well. The service went just as planned and the reception went off without a hitch too.

Dancing and carrying-on went on late into the evening (and those of you out there who were participating in the carrying-on know who you are, I’m not naming names… except Dr. Strange who can cut a fine rug!)

We all said our goodbyes and headed to Minneapolis (state number three on our mid-west tour in case you were keeping track). We visited the Mall of America where we rode a couple roller coasters and did some shopping (I bought a pink rolling pin from the QVC at the Mall store) but was really just like every other mall I’ve been too. I tried to be excited but the only real difference was that it had a lot more self-promoting merchandise than I’ve seen in a mall. Then again, maybe we missed the really cool sections of the mall.

Anyway, we made it home safely with all of our bags quite a bit fuller (mostly thanks to the ETC, etc, etc store in Emmetsburg which has more cute stuff in one store than I think I’ve ever seen), and now I can finally say that I’ve been to see a plains state… or are they called plain states? Well, all I know is that I had a plain old fine time there and I’d like to send a special thank you to the very hospitable Iowans we encountered last week. We had a super time – thanks again!

Pictures of the ridiculous carrying on will be posted soon – keep checking!

4 thoughts on “welander-strange, my favourite last name…”

  1. It was great seeing you at my brother’s wedding. You guys definately know how to get the party started!

  2. Andrea, what a STAR! You really are my favourite American (closely followed by Frank, of course!). Keep those ‘u’s coming and start deleting those z’s! You don’t even realize you are doing it……do you?

  3. I am disappointed to hear that “The Mall” is just like any other mall… I was hoping for something great! I am not going to let Todd read this because I am trying to convince him to take a weekend trip out to shop and if he knows it is like any mall we will not be going. To me it is like Graceland… you must go… :) Like Frank and Field of Dreams!

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