my athletic prowess

The following should come to no surprise to most of you due to my natural and healthy lifestyle. In fact, I earned an intercollegiate letter in tennis from Shenandoah so none of you should be shocked by my next revelation.

I’m officially sporty.

My athletic ability is something that is envied by many of you out there and to show off a bit more I’ll give you the highlights of the endurance race I participated in last weekend. It was a running/biking buddy race through rugged terrain and mud across property so I enlisted my fittest coworker Keith (who is seriously in shape) to be my partner. We signed up for the Muddy Buddy and our team name was keith&andrea (we’re very creative).

Frank was already signed up with our friend Mike and since they have both done oodles of endurance races in the past, they were psyched and ready to go. I on the other hand, was not a veteran to endurance races but fortunately for me, I have participated in countless Charmed and Friends Marathons so I was naturally packing my A-game for the big race. I worked out not once, but TWICE last week in preparation for the competition. I even got onto Frank’s bike the morning of the race to re-learn how to stay upright on a bicycle. I was not at all worried about the many dirty miles to come.

Needless to say, we rocked the house. There were a few bumps along the way – by bumps I mean sand, gravel, wood chips, monkey bars, rope ladders, wooden boards, walls to climb, and a nasty spill off the bike – but we finished in record time… when I say record time, I mean that the time we finished was recorded at one hour, thirty-five minutes and thirty seconds. We finished 461st out of 465 groups so in a matter of speaking we kicked *beeeeep* and took names! I don’t actually remember their names but I do remember what I named them in my mind. First there was “big pink butt lady” who at three times my size jogged right by me without breaking a sweat (whilst I was contemplating the inner asthma attack I was having), and who can forget about “tall socks girl” who passed me by walking after she very thoughtfully gave me a stick of gum – that gum was delicious! Anyway, a good time was had by all and after the run/walk/bike was through we were fortunate enough to crawl through a gi-normous pit of mud.

I know how jealous you all must be!
Photos are posted – enjoy!

One thought on “my athletic prowess”

  1. I was previously aware of how fit you are, with your strict diet and such. It also sort of looks like in the pictures that you are wearing off-black stockings, but I understand that was the Muddy part of the Muddy Buddy experience. Thus completing the Shenandoah reflections for you, I’m sure. But there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that could lead me to participate in such an event. I literally would rather die.

    However, I will always support your athletic endeavors. Make sure everyone knows that I am your official athletic supporter.

    I’ll let someone else be Frank’s official athletic supporter. (Chuck?!?)

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