Vegas Weekend

Since I know how much you all enjoy our vacation adventures, we’re bringing our vacation blog back. This year’s Skibiski-Morgan/Hendry-Blum southwestern tour started with a weekend in Las Vegas. We stayed at Planet Hollywood thanks to Todd and Rebecca’s timeshare, which was beautiful and in a terrific location. It was also a fabulous place to do some good quality people watching because while I packed several books and planned to settle in for a good long relax, the other guests sure came to have a crazy weekend! A rowdy group of boys down the hall from us may have been filming a sequel to “The Hangover” with all the commotion they were making… No tiger growls were heard but cat-calls sure as heck were! I’m also pretty sure that we smelled a decaying body coming from that direction. As the saying goes, it’s not a bachelor party if there isn’t a dead hooker!

Dead hookers aside, we had a great time people-watching and exploring. Who knew that Prince and Michael Jackson were friends? Not us, but we saw them hanging out on a street corner, probably people-watching themselves. Also, the gals sure do dress strangely for a walk down the street here! Why on earth would you wear three-and-a-half inch heels to go on a lengthy walk? Crazy. Oh, and everywhere we went, Johnny Dep was there. We saw him dressed up as Jack Sparrow, then twenty minutes later as the Mad Hatter, and then another couple of blocks we saw him gussied up in his Edward Scissorhands costume. I wonder if he has to pay extra for all that luggage because I’m sure he had to bring more than a carry-on, especially with all of those wigs! I was hoping to see him in his 21 Jumpstreet costume too but we must have missed that.

We went to see the Elvis Cirque show which was fun, campy, and enjoyable. We tried to get free tickets to see Holly Madison’s Peepshow (as we weren’t at all willing to pay what they were charging) but couldn’t sweet-talk our way in. Everyone came out on top of the slot machines and now we’re off on a road trip to the next leg of our trip: Zion National Park.

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