Dear Joey B.

A letter to Vice President Joe Biden:

Dear Joey B,

Did you and Nancy call each other before the State of the Union to coordinate your outfits? Purple is my favorite color and I’m glad to see you two in such festive attire during what can be a fairly boring evening. I’m a big fan and I think that you’re a good time. I love that you’re always so glad to be wherever it is you are. It must be hard to be a politician so often between a rock and a hard place, and still be filled with sunshine, but you always seem to radiate gladness.

By the way, how funny is it that senators and representatives were taking pictures with their mobile phones when the president entered? As if their won’t be enough pictures and TV coverage from tonight’s event?!?!?

Stop by the next time you’re in O-town. I feel like you and Phyllis, our puppy, would really get along… She really loves everyone too.

Good luck with everything.

PS With all the letters Tom Foreman has written to the President, I thought it might be nice if you got some mail too… everyone likes to get mail.

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