Trip home to visit Johnson City Day 4

One More Adventure

Totally forgot to mention one funny thing from last night… Mom drove us home at about 9:45pm and we were starving. After calling several pizza distributors (trying to steer as clear of Papa John’s as possible, but we were hungry) we learned that Brozetti’s could make us a third of a pizza as long as we could come pick it up. We agreed and headed that way. We were thankful and courteous – it was late after all – when Mr. Brozetti (or at least that’s who I assume he was since his picture was on the pizza box I was holding) asked if I wanted to sing for my meal in a knowing sort of way. I don’t remember ever meeting Mr. Brozetti but his knowing look spread into a wide “good to see you” smile so I quickly realized that I must have met him at some point and it was probably in the midst of a musical engagement of some sort. I smiled back (the man was holding my pizza after all) and told him that we were far too hungry to sing for our meal this time but promised to return the favor next time. He seemed appeased and generously gave us a key chain that sings the Brozetti’s commercial song (797-9960 – call Brozettis’ for pizza to-go). Again, I’m not sure how folks keep recognizing me, but if it gets me complimentary key chains then I’ll take it!

Anyway, (now it’s Monday again) we’d eaten our fill and visited our favorite places throughout Binghamton but hadn’t spent any time in Ithaca yet and had an urge for a bit of nature so the waterfalls of Ithaca was our destination. Mom, Little Frank, and I piled into the car for our final adventure of the week – hiking the waterfalls.

We enjoyed a beautiful hour-long drive and arrived in Ithaca. Ithaca is like a big bowl of crunchy granola goodness surrounded by hills, and mountains that were carved out by ice, snow, and dinosaurs I think – those little arms can really get to digging when they put their whole hearts into it! Because of the digging dinosaurs, there are bunches of beautiful waterfalls, lakes, and gorges throughout the area. The last time I brought Frank to Ithaca we went to see Tughanic Falls so this time I thought that we’d visit another location – Buttermilk Falls State Park.

Mom and I used the sketchy bathroom upon arrival and started our hike. The weather couldn’t have been more different than the day before because it was absolutely clear with a light breeze and fluffy bits of cloud cover. We wove through the Rim Trail and hopped onto the Gorge Trail that went a bit lower and closer to the water so that Mom and I could dip our toes into the water – and yes in case you were wondering, of course we I was wearing flip-flops. We took our time to enjoy the walk – ne need to hurry – and made it down to the bottom in about half an hour. At the bottom there was the biggest waterfall yet and a swimming area that was so inviting we wondered why we hadn’t brought our bathing suits. We sat for a bit – Mom was the brave one who put both of her feet fully into the chilly water (she’s a bit of a daredevil). We walked slower still back up the gorge – it was steep and we took our time to catch our breath (because we seriously needed to) and turned up back on the top hungry and ready for lunch.

We went into the Ithaca Commons to visit the Moosewood Restaurant – a favorite of ours – where the food is always great and the service is a little disinterested (you can’t have everything). We walked around and looked in shops a bit and then realized that one dessert between the three of us wasn’t enough, so we headed off to Purity Ice Cream. We enjoyed our ice cream (I had a large scoop of the Upstate New York which is vanilla malt ice cream with grapenuts, swirls of fudge, and chocolate cows on a sugar cone), then we tapped into Purity’s wifi to find out where the local EMS store was to pick up some supplies for our upcoming Grand Canyon craziness. The EMS experts agreed with Frank (no surprise there) that I can’t wear flip-flops for the hike down the canyon and had a giggle at my expense. I love that.

Homeward bound to relax and recuperate. While watching Antique Road Show with my parents we heard one disappointed antique owner say that even though she didn’t hear what she wanted, she came with her neighbor and the best antiques are old friends. Just a little wisdom to share with you… You’re welcome.

The Lampheres called for us to come over to their house for dinner later on that night and started to sing the Brozetti’s song through the phone so we knew they meant business – they crack me up! We popped up the hill for some pizza and to catch up and found that once again, the time had gotten the best of us and it was midnight so we headed home to get ready for our full day of traveling tomorrow.

What a wild weekend with Mom and Dad in Binghamton? Thanks for spending it with us – keep an eye out though because in just a few short days we’ll be writing from Key West for the Birthday Weekend Extravaganza! Woo hoo!

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  1. I’m so glad you also went to Brozzetti’s for pizza. I was very disappointed when I thought you would only plug Nirchi’s, although you did turn me on to their white pizza. 7-9-7-9-9-9-6-0 was the first phone number I ever learned…and I got to “call for Brozzetti’s pizza to go” each time we visited family in Binghamton. Yum…I’m hungry now:)

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