Johnson City Visit: Trivia Day Four

Trivia question #13
Q – What is the lake that feeds the Buttermilk Falls?
A – Cayuga Lake

Trivia question #14
Q – Which was our favorite Ithaca slogan?
a) Ithaca is gorges b) Ithaca is not George’s c) Ithaca is cold d) Ithaca is gay e) Barack is gorges f) McCain is not gorges
A – Ithaca is gorges

Trivia question #15
Q – Frank bought a piece of themed merchandise from Mr. Brozetti – what did he buy?
A – A beer glass

Trivia question #16
Q – According to Frank’s GPS, how long was our hike in Buttermilk State Park?
A – One hour and eleven minutes – just under a mile

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