my favorite president

No, this isn’t a rant. This has nothing to do with my starfish throwing, tree hugging, vegetable eating, or bread line waiting political views…. but in case you were wondering, liberal is not a bad word. Anyway….

We all know that I love Michael Dukakis and his feisty wife Kitty, but though they made a valiant attempt, they never quite made the big move into the White House. That’s not really bad news though, because no one likes to move. Stuff is bound to break accidentally along the way and what on earth would they have done with a set of 8 teacups and 7 saucers?

Anyway, President Clinton is having a bit of a summit this week for the Clinton Global Initiatives organization where he intends to connect idea people and money people. I heard him say in an interview today that he started this organization because he was tired of sitting in meetings where at the end people just left, nothing was getting done, and no one really expected anything to be done. All the folks at the annual meeting have to make a commitment before leaving and keep it to be invited again next year. This seems like a really wonderful way to make some good change possible in the world… I’m not confident enough to say make change happen, but I would say that at least the door down the hallway towards change is ajar.

Have a look at to see what it’s all about or make your own commitment at

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