crazy things I’ve learned…

A while ago Frank took me to a Ringo Star concert (see the blog “the man I never knew I loved” for specifics) and I remember that Shena E was the percussionist in his “All Star Band” that he sang with…. which is also a little confusing since Ringo played the drums for the Beatles and all but anyway….

So we were heading to Epcot a few days ago to enjoy some of their delicious food and wine samplings when our friends Todd and Rebecca suggested going to see Shena Easton. “We’re in!” I exclaimed with enthusiasm, remembering her fine drumming and 80’s musical stylings from that concert all those months ago. She strutted onto the stage but her drum kit and single drumstick were nowhere to be found. I also thought that she looked a little bit different…. and maybe even sounded different. Apparently, Sheila and Shena, E. and Easten do not represent one person. Evidently there’s a gal named Shena E. and another one named Sheila Easton and they were both popular in the 80’s. Another fun fact is that one of them allegedly went steady with Prince… but I’m not sure which one. Sorry.

Anyway, Sheila E isn’t the same as Shena Easton, San Jose is not in the southern part of California, and when Frank comes back into town he doesn’t like it when I sleep diagonally in the bed.

My blog is not only interesting but also educational.

You’re welcome!

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  1. Oh my gosh…I JUST had this same conversation w/ someone recently! Except that I THOUGHT, but was not entirely positive, that they were two seperate people, and the person I was talking with knew about Sheila E. (though he may have called her Shena, but he possibly said Sheila, not really sure at this point) but DID NOT know about Shena Easton. WOW! Thanks for clearing that all up, it makes WAY more sense now. And I’m glad to know that I’m not crazy for thinking that there were two different musicians from the same time period who had bizarrely similar names; they were like the 1980s musical version of Dylan McDermott and Dermott Mulroney!

    And in case you think that I’m making this up just to give you a hard time, I PROMISE I am not…could you make this up?!? NO!

    Big Love!!! :^>


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