Happy Birthday Andrea…. a few days late

Thank you very much to everyone who spent the 19th with me, called, sent cards and thought of me! To kick off my personal holiday, Frank set up a display and dressed up the ducks to celebrate with us (picture below).

Harry Potter Display

I had a wonderful birthday and yes, I feel much older. I only have one year left until old age sets in so I’m planning to make this last one count – I’ll keep writing during my trip across Europe so have no fear you’ll be in the loop! I have several weeks before I leave, so make sure to send your “good luck” presents and cards so that I get them before I leave the country!

I’m totally kidding, but I will keep writing from the couch with Phyllis and Stella keeping me company. It might not be as exciting as a trip exploring another country, but at least I can wear my pajamas!

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