3/13/7 Alot of numbers today…

Only 3 days left until OOTP comes out (yes I just like to pronounce it that way – ootp – it makes me smile) and 13 days until number 7… It’s alot to keep inside right now – I’m filled to the brim with emotion!
Speaking of 7, today is 7/7/7 which is apparently THE day to get married. Last night on the news I heard that there are 5-times as many weddings planned for today than on any other Saturday this year! I was reminded by a friend’s blog this morning when she posted the prettiest picture from their wedding that today is their anniversary. Jed and I traveled to the cold cold north to attend her special day and had a fine (though chilly) time. You can see their “exit photo” at http://www.more-rice-please.blogspot.com/
It’s crazy to think that they’ve been married for so long and that Frank and I have been married for more than two years already (though it doesn’t feel any longer than a week and a half, tops). When on earth did we all grow up into these people with careers instead of jobs? When no one was looking we all turned into people who have wedding anniversaries instead of the over-enthusiastic teenagers we used to be, shouting “We’ve been making out for like 2 months – it feels like forever!” into the abyss of the cafeteria? I know that growing up and making traditional choices is inevitable, but at least when it starts to freak me out, I remember that I’ve been counting down the days to a children’s book for the last two years :)

Only 13 more days! Happy anniversary M’res and Timon!

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  1. Are you able to define OOTP? I’m unclear as to what you are referencing.

    Hugs and Kisses!


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