Crazy Canadians

So, I was watching American Idol tonight (yes, I know I said I wasn’t going to watch it this season, but I got sucked in – I’m disappointed in me too), and I saw Celine singing with Elvis…. or an Elivs look-a-like, or a hologram or magic ghost, whatever. I won’t even get into how crazy she looked (and sounded) or my opinion on how that old man she married must have addled her brain in some way but I was reminded of one time when I met her. Anyway, what you should all know is that her kid’s name is Renee, has long curly hair, and was waiting in line for the Storybook Room. Apparently Renee is a boy name, and long curly locks are the Canadian version of a pick-up truck/mullet combo. Totally not my fault when I called him princess.

Celine and I are besties.

One thought on “Crazy Canadians”

  1. Celine scares me. I’m pretty sure she could play the Mummy in the next mummy movie. And she has the added bonus of not requiring makup or CG to make her look so old and ugly.

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