an update…

I’m sure that I’m the only one checking regularly (alright, to be honest, religiously) to ensure that I don’t miss anything important going on in the next 78-86 days. I’ve also been known to check,,, and to be sure that I haven’t missed even one piece of shamefully important news (like my version of CNN). Anyway, there are two knew wicked cool previews for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (HP OOTP) that you really should check out. There is an international and a domestic version (and they are a bit different). Have a look from the Leaky site (it’s a little bit more user friendly) and let me know what you think – I just know you’re going to love it!

Don’t worry about me though, it’s not crazy, it’s whimsical I promise!

Sooooo, since I’m the only person checking leaky regularly, a big thank you goes out to the leaky writers, updaters, and well… geeks. I appreciate your “whimsy” :)

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