Because I’m still growing…

I love Lost (especially this season), but, if I had been single when it first aired, I would not have watched it.

Lost is VERY scary and I should not watch it alone. I like to think that the girls are good company for scary programming but they’re not. When I jump around or gasp repeatedly, they huff at me and then get up to go lay somewhere else. That is not the sort of support that I prefer when in my time of need. Anyway, It’s always a little scary but I think maybe somehow a little less frightening when Frank is here. *sigh*

I finally got around to watching the season finale of Lost tonight all by myself (in my first free full evening in many many days) and it was a good one – a cliff hanger, exciting, and informative – but maybe a little too grown up for a pajama clad girl like me!

2 thoughts on “Because I’m still growing…”

  1. Maybe you should rent episodes of Twin Peaks. You might like it now. You know, the dancing dwarf and all………

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