30 before 30 and only 30 left!

So, one month to go!
30 days until I turn 30 – how crazy is that? This year has really flown by and though turning 30 still feels a little scary, I think I’ve almost accepted that I’m 29. It’s about time!

Anyway, here’s an update for where we are with the list….

1) Go to California – done
2) Get chased by a bear and/or mountain lion – done
3) See the biggest tree in the world – done
4) Learn to crochet – done
5) Be bathing suit ready – done… well at least I gave it a whirl!
6) Start over – done
7) Cut my hair short – done
8) Learn another language – done… well, again, at least I gave it a whirl!
9) Let a high school crush know how I feel – Paul Griffin that’s you! – done
10) Start over a little bit more – done
11) Have my own moral of the story – done
12) Write a book – done… working on it!
13) Complete a race – done
14) Quit biting my nails – done – aren’t you proud of me?
15) Write a song – waiting for inspiration from #20! Delicious!
16) Learn how to do a cartwheel – working on it
17) Learn to juggle – working on it
18) Try something new – belly dancing and balloon animal making – working on it
19) Go on a wine tasting tour – planned
20) Celebrate Pirohi Day – planned and I know you’re jealous!
21) Naked margaritas – planned – be there or be hot in the Florida sun!
22) Hike the Grand Canyon – planned
23) Change the world – working on it – really I am!

I still need a few more items to complete the list and I welcome your suggestions. Funny thing though… As I’ve been adding to the list and knocking things off the list, I’ve discovered that I’m a pretty straightforward gal. That’s probably no surprise for most of you reading this, but apparently I don’t have a whole lot of unfinished business waiting for me and I’m not afraid of trying new things. I think that’s why finding and keeping things on the list has been a bit of a challenge but a fun adventure and I have a good feeling that this last month might be even be more of an adventure than the first 11 months! But even if it takes a while longer to figure the last few out, I have a good feeling that I’ll be around a few days after July 19th to find out what happens next!

Get excited – it’s going to be a good month!

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