You’ve Got Mail

So I was scanning through the options on television tonight and found myself watching You’ve Got Mail. You won’t be at all shocked to discover that I love You’ve Got Mail

Also not so surprisingly, I love the Christmas season as it is shown in the movie… Maybe it’s the twinkle lights, the holiday party sing-along (why have I never been invited to sing the “The Horn, The Horn, It Sounds So Forlorn” song?), or the fancy party they attend with the caviar garnish and multiple turkeys out on display.

I love the Shop Around the Corner but I also love the new Fox Books store. What I love about the Shop Around the Corner is its quaint and cozy atmosphere and that it feels like the sort of shop you’d like to be a regular in, or maybe even own. I love the idea of a facility that has knowledgeable and service minded employees (read: not too cool to be helpful) and a family business that a parent passes onto her child.

Although I think we have far too many big discount box stores, I shamelessly love the Fox Books store as it is opening. Much like I love to spend a rainy afternoon in Barnes and Noble (when the book shelves are orderly) or during the holidays when I use it as my go-to gift shop because I believe that a fabulous gift for anyone can be found there. As Fox Books was opening, I could almost smell that delicious new book scent – heavenly!

This movie also makes me love New York City and feel like I should spend a bit more time there. It might be the cute tights worn by the girls in the film, or the idea that turtlenecks are an option in such a climate. In truth, it’s probably the romantic comedy version of New York City that I love so much, but this is one of the movies that makes me love the idea of living in New York City… Kind of like how people the idea of going to Disney World much more than the sticky, germy, crowded version available for $70+ a day just a few miles from my house.

As if that weren’t enough to love, I love love love the idea of writing a letter and sending it out into the void, to someone you don’t really know and the idea of sharing a bit of yourself with the cyber-gods. That’s a bit of what I think these letters are for me.

Do you remember writing actual letters? I remember making friends at Girl Scout and church camp and writing them letters afterward (sometimes several a week, much to the frustration of my parent’s pre-established postage budget) so that we could develop and continue those important new relationships. It was always so exciting to mail a letter, wait for it to arrive, hoping it would make that person’s day, and then look forward to the possibility of a reply. That is very much how I am feeling right now and how I often feel as I post these letters to you – excited to hear your response, replies, and anticipating your reactions.

Then again, maybe it’s not so much the letter writing or even the movie but Meg Ryan’s cute short hair that’s making me feel nostalgic again. It might just be time for a haircut!

Give a ring or drop me a line when you have a moment. I have a birthday party tonight (Happy Birthday Mindi) but I’ll be up late afterward so feel free to call later on.


3 thoughts on “You’ve Got Mail”

  1. Love love love it! The post AND the movie. I agree with every single thing you said. I do love the rom-com version of NYC but the real thing doesn’t smell nearly as nice as my comfy family room. It was the same with Hollywood Blvd… they don’t show Shady Snoopy and 16 The Jokers on tv when they show the fanciness of awards night, yet in person it was just a dirty street with shady characters and scaffolding.

    I digress. I love that you are torn between the two stores, because so am I (and let me throw in Amazon for further evidence of my sacrilege). And Meg and Tom are so kinda perfect together, and I do miss those “getting to know you” calls and letters that are no longer so necessary with the one you love.

    You’ve put happy thoughts in my head before bed. :)

  2. So, I STILL don’t get “go to the mattresses”, but probably only because I don’t really see myself ever watching The Godfather.

    Just wanted to throw “Serendipity” and “While You Were Sleeping” out there as Urban Christmas-y and chic-flicky fun, too!

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