Vacation and stomach aside…

So my belly has been angry for about 5 days now.


First of all I had cramps – no surprise this time of the month – but that wasn’t all. My belly felt big, bloated, and angry and I couldn’t figure out why. There was a rumble in my jungle. During the flight, I could feel my stomach churning-churning-churning constantly and was having trouble falling and staying asleep because of it. Frank tried to lean on me at one point, but my angry belly was so tender that I had to send him toward the tank-top wearing, long-underarm-hair lady to his left. You may be thinking to yourself “Just GO Andrea” but I tried that… there was nothing but air inside. As we were sitting in the second airport, Frank had a look and listen to my belly and he made a diagnosis – no it’s not hemoroids and no, I’m not pregnant. He asked if I’d eaten any fiber one bars, and of course I had (they’re like nectar of the gods). In fact, I’d had one or two every day for the past week. I’d been trying to take off a pound or two and fiber one always seems to help with that sort of effort. Well, we all know that fiber one bars make you gassy (I think Mike S – king of gas – found an article calling them gas bars or something) and I’ve always enjoyed that they allow me to have funny party “noises” if you will but this was different. Apparently the type of angry belly gas is typical of fiber one eaters, and I’d just been lucky up until now… trouble.

Anyway, I’ve switched to Kashi Bars on Todd and Rebecca’s recommendations and am feeling pretty terrific. My big bloated belly even went away – thank you Kashi!

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