The big day has finally come!

Nope, no spoilers – keep on reading!

Us with Dream Boat Sirius

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has arrived! Friday night at 8pm, several friends, Frank and I headed to Barnes and Noble to hop in line for our book and it was well worth the wait! We had our pictures taken with “dreamy Sirius” who we met at the last book release, participated in fun activities at the store, drank delicious cups of coffee, and listened to the crazy folks who were also waiting to buy the book. Midnight came, we bought our books and headed home to start reading. On Saturday afternoon we took a break to check the mail when a package from our favourite dog accessory store (Bowchies) came. Jenn (the bowchies lady) made Stella and Phyllis Firebolt collars (which we quickly put on the girls) so that they could be appropriately attired for the HP Festivities.

Phyllis and her Nimbus 2000 collar

Stella and her Nimbus 2000 collar

We took our time and I finished the book Sunday around 3am. The book was great and instead of thinking too much about this being the last book, I’m re-reading. I am (of course) sad that the last time to discover “what happens next” has come and gone but am glad to know what happens. I’ll share my favourite quotes, and moments (I know you can hardly wait) in a few days once everyone (Frank especially) has finished reading.

I’m going to get back to my re-reading now…. and in case you’re even a little jealous of my wild life, right now on the TV Pheobe is saving the day (as usual), Phyllis is snoring, Chase is sleeping and Stella just tooted on me. Back to my book!

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