Purple Pesto Pizza

So, I was in one of the community gardens last week and had look at the very overgrown herbs. I thought I’d grab some basil to make a batch of pesto when I stumbled across (well, I kind of fell on) a great big bush of green and purple leaves that smelled like basil. The bottom part of the bush was a dark shiny green and all of the leaves at the top of each section were decidedly purple – like eggplant! Crazy! Did you know that basil comes in purple???? I most certainly did not and excitedly grabbed a few hand-fulls of the purple leaves to mix it with some traditional and pineapple basil to make up the wildest batch of pesto ever (and then, of course, something for it to go on top of).

It gets crazy here at Villa-Bration. Be jealous.

2 thoughts on “Purple Pesto Pizza”

  1. Hi…
    I am writing my final letters to the president and was looking for an old one on line when I stumbled across your site. It is lovely. The photos, the words…all of it. I am trapped at the office right now, working just a couple of blocks from the Capitol on some very late night preparations for our inauguration coverage. Reading a bit about your travels and thoughts was a wonderful diversion and made the late hours much more bearable. Thanks for your kind words about my writing…I hope I get to enjoy yours for quite some time.
    Tom Foreman

  2. Tom,
    Sorry for the late response – I hadn’t checked my comment queue in a while. Thanks so much for stopping by again! Thank you also for your kind words. I’m so glad that our pictures and stories made your late night more enjoyable.

    I saw you on the news a few weeks ago and you looked great. Keep up the great work!

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