Pet Rescue By Judy

As most of you know, we adopted Phyllis Navidad Hendry-Blum from Pet Rescue By Judy. Judy found homes for 1500 animals last year. Unfortunately, Judy is having some trouble and needs a shelter for her animals. She has 168 days before she’ll start being fined and the trouble really starts so it’s time to act (truthfully, I should have done something a long time ago but now is a good time too).

This is the message that is on her website today:
We have 168 days left to come into compliance with Orange County Code Enforcement or face fines of $250/day. We need 1.5+ fenceable acres, preferrably in Seminole County, with water and power, zoned for industrial or commercial use, donated, sold, or leased at a ridiculously low cost. Perhaps your financial advisor or attorney has a client who needs a tax write-off or benevolence…. If you can help, please e-mail Thank you!

Please go to to learn more about her situation and let’s get together to do something… not sure what just yet, but share it with your coworkers and friends so that we can give Judy the help she needs.

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