I love music. I studied it (I am classically trained after all). I love good thoughtful music, I love crappy catchy music but mostly I love music that when listened to over and over and over and over lets me be in a funk for a little while for no reason at all. I’ll admit it; I’m one of those people – one of those girls… And unfortunately for anyone who has ever lived with me (sorry Emily, Marie, Nick, Bob, Jed, Todd, Tia, and anyone who lived in Cooley Hall from 1996-1999), I have been in love with the repeat option on my CD player and computer ever since I learned how to use it. I will proudly admit that I am one of those people who will listen to the same song 20 times in a row every day for two solid weeks and still not be tired of it.
I remember listening to “The Christians and the Pagans” by Dar Williams with my friend Katie in Cooley over and over again and I still, years later, love that song. One of my favorite things about Katie was that she could always remember what song she was listening to and what she was wearing and what boy she was talking to when something important happened in her life.

I don’t ever remember quite that much but I can always remember the timeframe I listened to a CD relentlessly and what was going on.
Right now the songs I have on repeat in my iPod are from the Curious George soundtrack, specifically “Upside-down”, and “People Watching”. Jack Johnson has really made a terrifically repeatable CD, filled to the brim with the possibility of putting me into a funk. Phrases like “we’re all as lonely as we wanted to be”, and “is this how it’s supposed to be?” have filled the speakers in my car with angst filled sighs for almost a week now. As I arrived home after class tonight, I’d probably re-played those songs seven or eight times. I was contemplating yet again the concept of loneliness, whether it’s chosen or if it finds you and feeling pretty lonesome when I walked through my front door and was attacked by Stella and Phyllis.
Needless to say, I’m not sure if people chose to be lonely or if loneliness finds them because what I do know is that my house is filled to far too many paws, kisses, and pounces for me to be lonely today.
Lesson learned: Adopt a dog and never be lonely, adopt two and forget what loneliness is…. Until you’re listening to sappy girly music :)

One thought on “lonely?”

  1. Your dogs certainly are an excellent cure for lonliness. Especially Phyllis, since shw thinks you’re a whole new person every time she sees you!

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