Little details and an update.

As I sit at home on a lazy Saturday morning with the girls, I thought it’d be as good a time as any to update you on the mostly meaningless details of my life.

My herbs are really coming up. I’m not at all sure what I’ll do with all of the sage (what does one do with a vat of sage?) Oh, and my mint is thriving! My basil has been wildly plentiful, so I’ve made fresh pesto four or five times already this season (had so much that I even had to freeze some and give it away). I’ve also planted tomatoes, zucchini, and blueberry bushes, which are all doing really well. I have three blueberries in the fridge right now ready to enjoy!

I finally finished my stump (which will act as a footstool/ottoman) and repainted the Bob room in a purposefully obnoxious pink – it’s really pretty!

Speaking of refrigerators (at least I was), for Earth Day we decided to empty and turn off the fridge in the garage… I know, I know, where will we put our vats of alcohol, extra condiments, and frozen food we never intend to eat? Well, we cleaned it out and finally did it. We figured that with Bob gone, we probably don’t need two full sized refrigerators for the two of us (I know it’s crazy) and I might have to stop grocery shopping as if we’re a family of 7…

See – I said meaningless, but nonetheless true and informative! It’s the little details of one’s life that you miss out on when you’re far away or busy with other things, so I’m going to catch you up on my details!

By the way, Lord of the Rings is scary… I love it – oh I love it – but it’s so scary! Frank was right to talk me out of watching it at night before I went to bed but watching it at home alone (albeit with the girls) is very scary! Don’t worry about me though, Phyllis’s sweet snoring and Stella’s warm cuddling are comforting.

Right now I’m watching The Holiday (with Kate Winslet) for something like the 47th time and I love it. A little bit of an English accent mixed with Christmas decorations and wrapped up in a romantic comedy. Why aren’t all movies like this? There’s so much ick, yuck, and ack in the world – all movies should be just like this! Except of course for Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, which are perfect, flawless, and timeless – even though they’re a little scary sometimes!

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  1. LOVE the pink room!!!! I am so envious.. I had a half pink room before my baby had to be a boy and I had to repaint it blue. BAH. Some day, some day!!!!

    ALSO, I love love love the Holiday, too!!! Kate Winslet is so perfectly perfect and sometimes I just daydream of being her in the movie. LOVED it. AH!

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