Johnson City Visit: Trivia Day Two

Trivia question #5
Q – What was the name of the Church who provided the pirohi’s?
A – St. Michael’s

Trivia question #6
Q – What is the name of the award given to Binghamton regarding their pirohi status?
A – The Pirohi Pocket of America

Trivia question #7
Q – What is the predominant color of wii mii dresses at Casa de Bates?
A – Purple – purple – purple!

Trivia question #8
Q – How delicious is spray cool whip?
a) delicious – is that even a question? b) slimy and gross c) I don’t know – I was too distracted by the rest of the yummy options d) just alright
A – C – No idea, how crazy is that?

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