In France Again

Here we are! We’re in Paris again. Nothing super fun to share yet but have a look at the two pictures we posted from the top of the Arc de Triomphe – you may also see my short hair! I’m not quite bald but a little more Euro-Chic – Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “In France Again”

  1. You do look very euro chic! I love that scarf and that sweater! Is that Franck’s turtleneck or my mother’s ? Write more about your trip. The details I get from Randall are spotty (since I have been shunned).

  2. How cold was it over there? And that could be my Mom’s scarf !!! Andrea, the short hair looks very chic…hope you got some serious writing done over there…worked for Hugo…

  3. Hey did any of those damn Frenchies pantomime “vomite” for you? Did they vomit and poop on your bathroom floor and then call you a Racist Stupid American? Oh wait, that probably only happens in Funk. And even then it doesn’t have to be Frenchies. Plain old Racist Stupid Americans did plenty of that.

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