I love TV.

As a proud member of generation X, I sometimes feel like I was practically raised with our family television, as if it was yet another sibling. When I get excited about a new fall season of my favourite and soon to be favourite TV shows I remember how much I loved TV as a kid and what a big deal it was to be the one to decide what we as a family would watch. I think the fact that we were all trapped in front of one TV (not like my family now, with easily half a dozen TVs in the house) made us pay that more attention to what was on and seemingly that much more important. From Mr. Belvedere to Different Strokes, to American Hero with a big pile of Saved by the Bell on the side, I loved all fo them and can probably still recite the words to most of their more exciting episodes. Anyway, I remember everything that I watched as a child but now I have that childlike sort of glee for fall programming.

Are you as excited about Grey’s Anatomy as I am? I am unable to watch the show without openly weeping and yet I look forward to it every week!
Have we decided that we like Desperate Housewives again? I think it’s a strong possibility.
I think we like Heroes, but I’ll keep you posted.
Studio 60 – I was fully surprised that I absolutely love it. It might just be a residual Chandler crush though! That is actually a strong possibility…
Is anyone else wondering when Scrubs starts up again? Aaaand, I know I should be excited about lost but I don’t think I am… too much suspense from last season still giving me gas 
But my absolute favourite: Gilmore Girls. I know that I’m the only one watching it but I’ll say it again, you’re all missing out! It’s incredible!

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