day ten

Bonjour Disneyland Paris! Our friend James brought us with him to work on the 45 minute Metro (train) ride to Disneyland Paris. He headed to work and we headed to play. The park was beautiful but the most beautiful and fun part of the park was Sleeping Beauty’s Castle (with the accompanying dragon). There were really pretty stained glass windows and tapestries that told Aurora’s story on the second floor of the castle. Underneath the castle is where the fire breathing dragon lives but he must have been on his best behavior because he didn’t breathe any fire at us (we probably just got lucky). We also got to see/ride Space Mountain, It’s a Small World, Phantom Manor and Indiana Jones (which does not go backwards). There was a lengthy psudo-american section in small world that focused on our country’s need to shoot rifles, purchase dry goods, play football, and eat popcorn. I love to see the American people through the eyes of international folks, ahhhh, a breath of fresh air. I really do love popcorn, and considering the popularity of Sams, and Costco, our culture certainly loves its dry goods as well!

James finished working and gave us a tour of the Paris Studios and took us to lunch at their Disney Village at a 50’s Diner which, though terribly greasy, was really quite delicious (especially the onion rings – seriously delicious).

We headed back toward Paris to relax and later on that night James took us to a small Italian restaurant just around the corner. Though this restaurant didn’t have translations of their items in English it was by far the best food we had in Paris (but, then again, I may have just been really hungry). We had a bottle of wine, lots of hand made pastas and delicious sauces clearly made from scratch, and pizza. It was wonderful. We ordered dessert (of course), I had the caramel panna cotta, Frank had tiramisu, and James had some sort of ice cream deliciousness. A nice man a few tables over laughed at me when I proudly finished mine first (I’m a gifted dessert eater), but never fear, I helped the other two polish theirs off.

We thanked James for his wonderful hospitality and headed back to our beautiful apartment in Paris, for our final night of our European vacation.
We’re ready to go home but not for our vacation to end.

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