crunch time… or at least it was when i wrote it in december

I’ve eaten an average of 15.5 delicious cookies every day for the last week and a half and though I should probably be doing some sit-ups and overall excercise so that I continue to grow into my new big-girl pants, I’m really concerned about the crunch time left before the big day. Frank and I were out today with the hundreds of thousands of other slack-ass Christmas-ers to get our last minute gifts and their toppers before it’s too late. We had a reasonably productive shopping day, which we concluded with a trip to Cold Stone as our reward for our hard work but when we got out to the car to head home and relax, it wouldn’t start. It’s funny sometimes how we are forced to stop the bustling about and we find that we’re happy we slowed down… oh, and happy that the tow man was friendly!

*** I wrote this a few days before Christmas but think that it’s appropriate for our bustling spirit throughout the year… and our spirit of friendliness – or emergency vehicle driver’s friendliness!

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