A bit of around the house perspective…

There’s nothing like a night at home alone with the girls to put things into perspective. I found myself dusting, mopping, sweeping, and cleaning many sections of my house that almost never get a proper wipe down (though they clearly needed it) tonight while I watched some particularly crappy television. My newly dry shiney clean floors were rewarded with three episodes of “The Girls Next Door” and the dusting awarded me the treat of a new episode of “Real World/Road Rules Challenge – Inferno 3” which deeply moved me because Timmy was voted off. Who doesn’t love Timmy?!?!? He’s terrific, seriously! I know that I’m the only one who remembers him from his show years ago and am one of two (yes, I’m calling you out Mike) still watching those stupid challenges but they really suck me in! Once they start in with the girls hating each other and Tanya (to no ones surprise) whoring it up for the 18th year in a row or something (she’s seriously aging) I find myself longing for the next episode! That is how they keep me locked in! I think it is really because they’re all such mindless programs that I can still be productive while enjoying the intellectual stimulation of it all – that’s why I don’t ever feel guilty. Last night I watched the biggest loser while doing five loads of laundry. I think what crappy television is really allowing us all to do is to be more productive, and I’d like to send out a hearty thank you at this time to all television executives who are clearly responsible for my tidy household :)
Kudos – I appreciate what you do!

3 thoughts on “A bit of around the house perspective…”

  1. You forgot to mention that thhe crappy television clearly allowed you to write this blog entry.

  2. Make that three people still watching… 3 AM is a great time to watch crappy TV while giving the baby a bottle. Challenges… Girls Next Door… they’re all on Season Pass. I, too, saw the Timmy episode and was moved to near tears.

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