1st 10 of 30 before 30

Well, after quite a bit of hemming and hawing the 1st 10 is finished and ready to share
1) get into shape to be bathing suit ready (for the first time ever)
2) go on a wine tasting tour
3) start writing a book
4) write a new song
5) stop biting my nails
6) go on a fun and spontaneous road trip
7) give stand up a try – just once!
8) learn to juggle
9) learn another language
10) finally figure out how to do a bar chord

Well, I’ll get to getting and keep you posted!

4 thoughts on “1st 10 of 30 before 30”

  1. “It’s not a snack!!!” Luckily we already have a tagline for the nailbiting. As for the rest… I’m excited for you already :)

  2. Max could help you w/ the juggling, he’s really good.

    AND, I was really confused about #7 at first…and I wasn’t thinking comedy…

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