Day One

The flight was fine – long but fine. We were both able to sleep for about six hours between both flights so, though we were a bit out of sorts, we were up and ready to enjoy our first day of European travel.

You’ll all want to know that when we were getting onto the flight to North Carolina, we were in front of a man who was very important (well, at least by his phone conversation he certainly was). He said that he met four billionaires in the last month and was clearly a mover and a shaker. He said that he only did business with the best of the best which is why; he said to the person on the phone, they were lucky to be working with someone as talented as he was.

Once we got to London we figured that it was smooth sailing and then Frank’s bag was missing. A similar bag belonging to a Mr. Paul Wood from South Carolina was left and he realized about an hour later that he had taken the wrong bag. He had assigned his bag retrieval to one of his students who neglected to read its tag. Paul Wood kindly called to return it just an hour later and we made the switch – thanks again Mr. Wood!

Just a bit behind schedule we headed out into London. We decided to see Westminster Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and King’s Cross. We were exhausted (of course) and then we headed to Pancras Station to catch our train to Sheffield, to visit our friends the Carrs.

Bev and Natty picked us up from the train station and they took us to our beautiful old hotel where we settled in and showered in a newly refurbished but chilly bathroom. Then Will, Bev, and Natty took us out to dinner where Frank had Beef and Ale Crown Pie “served with an extra jug of gravy” and I had the Brie, Mushrooms and Cranberry Wellington without any extra jug of anything. We discovered a new dipping sauce called Henderson’s Relish which, have no fear, we’re bringing a bottle back with us and will share with all of you next week! It’s a lovely vinegar sort of sauce and we poured it onto everything we ate – delicious! For desert – get ready for this – I had “Clotted Cream Ice-Cream”. We’re going to be so pretty when we get back – I’m getting bigger by the minute! Frank is such a lucky guy ;.) After dinner we headed back to the Carr’s officially British home in Sheffield where we met Paddy and Jesse their dog and cat.

We are exhausted and are headed to bed – see you in the morning!

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