It’s My Birthday!

I’ve always thought of my birthday as my own special holiday and this year was no different. Since we were away in Hawaii (don’t worry, the post is coming soon), we didn’t get to see the new Harry Potter when it came out earlier this week so last night to kick off my birthday, we went and saw it in Celebration. We think that we liked it (the jury is still out) but we’re still looking forward the IMAX version when it opens in a few weeks.

As for today, our day started out with mimosas and fancy-schmancy French toast (with fresh fancy bread filled with combinations of cream cheese and strawberries, and brie and raspberries). We had a lolly-gag morning and then paid a visit to the Lake Eola farmer’s market where we saw our friend the waffle man who is apparently going back to Belgium in a few weeks, so visit him soon (his waffles might just change your life). After sucking down our Belgium waffles as if we were starving, we ordered Chinese take-out and headed home. We gussied up the house and put on a Harry Potter movie and then celebrated my birthday properly with a Harry Potter Party.

I had a great day – Thanks to everyone who came, emailed, sent cards, presents, and well wishes!


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